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NOTE to the Customers using bank's change money service

The Easter and spring holidays cause changes to deliveries and bank opening hours. Loomis will deliver the order to the bank office at the latest during the delivery date shown in the order calendar. This means the order may not be picked up until the following business day. For example, the order for delivery date Thursday 6.4. may not be picked up from the bank until after Easter. Please take this into account when planning money orders.

You can get more detailed information about delivery dates and pick-up times from your bank account.

CIT transport changes during spring holidays.

During holidays our CIT branches are closed, and transports are cancelled. If you need a substitutive transport for the transport that gets cancelled, these can be ordered from our customer service with a separate fee.

Days when transports are cancelled:

• Good Friday the 7th of April

• Easter Monday the 10th of April

• May Day the 1st of May

• Ascension Day the 18th of May

Please notice, that change money order needs to be made always at least two business days before the delivery day by 12 noon.

Thank you for your attention and happy spring time!

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